Saturday, April 26, 2008


I've received a couple of IMs regarding the necklaces some of the Braves are wearing this year. While I don't know which name brand the guys are using, it's likely something like this:
The item description at Sports Authority for the Phiten-brand necklace reads "...features concentrated, micro-sized Titanium Spheres. Its sporty style and moisture-proof material makes it ideal for athletic activities or casual wear. It's recommended for improved blood circulation, fatigue reduction and relaxation."

You can get your own at most sporting goods stores. I have to agree with Joe and Boog, though -- I think this is an item that if you believe it makes you have more energy, you will have more energy. ;)


Anonymous said...

I actually bought one of these necklaces 2 years ago when Chipper first started wearing them. It's made of liquid titanium and just as you stated, is used to increase blood flow. I always feel more rested and feel like I physically recover quickly when I use it, but it could also be one of those things that's in my head. Whatever works though!

Drew said...

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Lauren T. said...

HA ha!