Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pete Moylan on the DL! Noooooo!

Moylan felt some discomfort in his elbow while throwing a pitch in the ninth inning of Friday night's win over the Nationals. The Australian right-hander went to Atlanta for an MRI exam on Monday. Results haven't been released.

Source: Official Braves Website

Article #2, AJC

Get well soon, Pete. Hope everything is okay. :(

What is up with all the Braves injuries? There has to be a stop to this. No one's allowed in a car, no one's allowed to use a chef's knife, and no one's allowed to throw a pitch, y'all understand? We can't take any more risks. ;)


JB in ATL said...


This is news to me but he's on the DL or day to day?

We need him. He's been awesome this year.


Lauren T. said...

He's on the DL. They called up Buddy Carlyle to take his roster spot.

Anonymous said...

uggh. i was coming home from band practice when i found out about it. this really sucks.