Friday, April 4, 2008

Rain Out! :(

Well, I tried, gang. The Braves vs. Mets game was rained out. You can see a few pictures of the rainy stadium here: One - Two - Three - Four

To pass the time between arriving and waiting to see if the rain would lighten up, I went to the Braves Hall of Fame & Museum. I've been several times before, and I convinced the token guy to give me a free hat if I bought a token to go in. ;) There are a few pics after the jump...There's a semi-lifesized Tom Glavine cutout in a reconstructed dugout. I sat on the bench, like I always do.
Braves of the World! You may recognize a few of them.

Full Album of pics here. Check out Bobby's baseball card. He wasn't too bad looking when he was younger!

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