Monday, May 19, 2008

"He's not exactly a delicate effing flower"

So my friend Jenny and I were having a little chat yesterday evening, and I thought this might amuse some of you. It was spawned by Jenny's brilliant comment in an earlier email (the title of this post)...

6:09 PM Lauren: If we're comparing the Braves to flowers
Jenny: haha, yes?
Lauren: If Huddy's a rose, Chipper's a thistle.
Lauren: Baby's a petunia and Frenchy's a cheerful pansy.
Jenny: aw, yes
Lauren: The winter weather can beat down on pansies, cover them in snow, and they still pop out.
6:10 PM Jenny: haha, yes
Lauren: Petunias are bigger and softer but just as sweet
In their own way
[clipped personal discussions]

Lauren: Oh, one more thing on the flowers... 6:12 PM
It's a shame we don't have a Bird of Paradise on the team.
Jenny: Yeah, Salty is gone!
Lauren: I think our closest is Yunie.
Jenny: haha
Lauren: Maybe Kots, considering what we've heard about his wardrobe
Jenny: and his wife :D
Lauren: Exactly!
6:13 PM
What's the most delicate flower out there? Is Hammy an orchid?
6:14 PM Jenny: yes!!!
Lauren: Oh, Baby was so thin in '05! Such a babyface!
Jenny: I KNOW!
He was kind of weird looking actually haha
Lauren: I'm watching this afternoon's game now.
Jenny: I prefer his current look
It was a good game for once
Lauren: I like the beard a lot.
Jenny: me too, he NEEDS it!
Lauren: Frenchy's cracking up in the background at the idea of Baby bunting
6:15 PM Jenny: HAHA! That was off teh wall.

Lauren: I actually like him a little soft, too
Jenny: yeah, he needs the chub
Lauren: :)

We had to hop off the chat pretty quickly, but which significant Braves did we miss that you can identify their matching flower? Who's the spring-y daffodil? Do we have a carnation or two? A tiger lily (SMOLTZIE)? A shy violet? :)


Leah said...

That's a funny conversation. If I had to guess, I'd say Matty would probably be the spring-y daffodil, KJ and Mark T. would be the carnations, and I think a good candidate for Bird of Paradise could also be Moylan. Just some suggestions, I'm probably way off though.

Leah said...

And also a carnation could be Boyer?

Lauren T. said...

Blaine is totally a carnation. A pink one!

I do like Matty as a daffodil, but I was thinking something more Florida-specific for him, since he lives there and plays so well there -- maybe an orange blossom?

Moylan was my first thought for the Bird of Paradise, but (a) not many non-natives would call inland Australia "paradise", and (b) since he isn't too keen on "Down Under" as his intro song, I'd think he wouldn't care to be stereotyped. I was thinking along the lines of a waxflower? It's also native to Australia and is both complex and fascinating to behold.

Leah said...

I see your points on both. Good suggestions.

Moylan could also be a Caribea Heliconia.

Lauren T. said...

Ooooh, good one!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is much to girly of a conversation for me to join but I just have to say....

I never thought I'd see it come up. I know for a fact my friends and I, while at the game, don't compare our players to flowers. That doesn't mean we're not in touch with our feminine side....

or maybe it does. At any rate, very funny post.
href=>"JB in ATL"

JB in ATL said...
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Lizziebeth said...

I'd love to join this one, but I know nothing about flowers. Well, except the whole oxymoron of the pansy!

Yeah, it's a real effing girly conversation JB, lol!

hmmm, tiger lily...

Lauren T. said...

Hee, "pansy". My mom always used to say that pansies were the most cheerful flower...not the daisy nor the daffodil, but the pansy. If we're talking about "pansy", that vote goes to Hammy, obviously.