Sunday, May 18, 2008

Smoltzie's Sunglasses

Remember when Smoltzie was mic'd up last week? Reader LizzieBeth was kind enough to send over these screencaps and dialogue for all you Smoltzie fans. Thanks!

JS: You think I can get a date in these things?
Heap: Yeah, well, you can get a date without 'em.
JS: But I mean with these things...
Heap: your chances...
JS (while laughing): Or, or are they going to think it's the fake nose, mustache and glasses?

I'm pretty sure that's his real moustache. :D


Ashley said...

Did anyone else catch the portion where Smoltz was talking to ... one of the Latin players, I don't remember who now.
Anyway he asked Smoltz a question in Spanish and Smoltz's answer was something totally off-base and irrelevant. The broadcasters laughed after translating the was quite the spectacle..

Lauren T. said...

There were a couple of those segments -- in one they asked Smoltzie how old he was (cuántos años tienen?), and he started talking about Joe & Jon. I'm pretty sure he knew what they were asking and just hammed it up for the camera.

I do hope he transitions into a broadcasting career when he retires. Nice voice, very knowledgeable, etc.

Jennifer said...

I hope he does, too, for all the reasons you mentioned, but I also think he just really likes being around the team, even though his shoulder may not allow him to do that as a player for much longer. :( Was it last year that he did some post-season stuff for TBS?

Lauren T. said...

Yep, that was last season. I loved him on TV. He explains things so everyone can understand, and he doesn't make inane jabber like Chip nor have a chipmunk voice like Tony Gwynn (who was a great, great player, but doesn't need to be behind the mic).