Saturday, May 31, 2008


Chipper: [stares at hand-holding]
Teix: What?
Chipper: I don't think we're supposed to be holding hands, dude.
Teix: No, man, it's fine. It's not like you've got a handful of this spectacular bubble butt I'm rocking.
Chipper: True that.
Teix: What part? The touching? Or my beautiful, beautiful heinie?
Chipper: Dude, just say "ass".
Teix: NO! That would be inappropriate.
Chipper: I think the fact that we're still holding hands is inappropriate.
Teix: Don't worry, no one's looking. Not even that...AP...photographer...
Chipper: ...[expletive deleted]

ETA: Just for fun, here are five of the most amusing Google searches that led people to Braves Love this week...

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"red nails
nicknames of kisses


Amy V said...

Seriously! I've always wondered if he puts extra padding in there. No man should have an ass that bubbly. If that's a real word in this context.

Allee said...

This just completely made my night.
That does sound like something Tex would say...I loved the article on him in Chop Talk.
But, props for the "conversation".

CABravesFan said...

that just cracked me up...I always forget just how adorably cute Tex is and then I see a picture like this...his butt is kinda fabulous:)

Lizziebeth said...

Great job Lauren, that was the perfect antidote for those of us longing for Velcro's skits!!!

You guys have convinced me that I messed up in not asking for a subscription to Chop Talk for Christmas or my birthday.

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