Sunday, June 1, 2008

And that's a mouthful!

In the sensitivity chamber that is the Atlanta Braves clubhouse, Brian McCann's dietary intake is not an applied program. It is, rather, a lounge act.

No sooner did the he emerge from the players lounge recently when a line of inquisitors opened up on the ample catcher's bill of fare.

"How was breakfast, Brian?" Tom Glavine asked.

"Bear claw?" Jeff Francoeur inquired.

"Éclair?" Chipper Jones suggested.

McCann cut them off with the stare of an innocent, above the affront, a man, um, in full. Is this any way to treat the future of the franchise?


Muttering something about "those guys," McCann turned on a grin and was right back on task, which is merely driving the Braves' next generation into tomorrow.

Full article from the AJC. It's quite flattering, and I hope you're all helping vote Baby into the All-Star Game!!

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