Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Q100 Interview with Frenchy

Atlanta's top morning show interviewed Jeff Francoeur yesterday morning. The interview is currently on The Bert Show's home page. In case it cycles off the page soon, here's the direct link to the .mp3. Most of the interview is about his relationship with Catie -- the TV shows they watch, going out to eat, road trips, etc. He said 19 of the 25 players on the current roster have wives traveling with them on the next road trip. Interesting!


slappywhite said...

Interesting comment is right. What did he do? Take a head count? He isn't in charge of travel plans so strange he'd know the number, 19 of 25.

Lauren T. said...

I really think Jeff was just pulling a number out of thin air. Granted, I have a little too much time on my hands, but here's a list of the current 25-man roster and their wives. Question marks indicate the Braves website does not list a significant other in the biography section:

Blaine Boyer - Ginsey
Brian McCann - Ashley
Chipper Jones - Sharon
Chris Resop - ?
Corky Miller - Jenny Lynne
Greg Norton - Jaena
Gregor Blanco - ?
Jair Jurrjens - ?
Jeff Bennett - Rachel
Jeff Francoeur - Catie
Jo-Jo Reyes - Jamie
Jorge Campillo - ?
Kelly Johnson - Lauren
Manny Acosta - ?
Mark Kotsay - Jamie
Mark Teixeira - Leigh
Matt Diaz - Leslee
Omar Infante - Yohanna
Phil Stockman - ?
Royce Ring - ?
Ruben Gotay - ?
Tim Hudson - Kim
Tom Glavine - Chris
Will Ohman - Allyson
Yunel Escobar - ?

That's 16, by my count.

I know Manny and Yunie are single. I thought Royce Ring was married, but he doesn't have a lady listed in his Braves bio. Hmm.

Leah said...

- Chris Resop is single, I believe, he didn't have on a ring at Fan Fest when we met him.

- Blanco isn't married but he has a son.

- JJ is single I believe.

- Campillo I have no idea.

- I think Stockman is single.

- I believe Gotay is too.

- Ring I'm not sure about.

slappywhite said...

No, you don't have too much time on your hands. You have a passion.

I guess I am like you; I found it an interesting comment. Traveling on road trips would have to be boring for the wives.

Thanks for the insight. I have just started to read your blog after discovering it a few days ago. It is quite entertaining.