Monday, May 5, 2008

Saturday: Pete stops throwing after 7 pitches

Sorry to post this a little later than usual. I did read it on Saturday, but had a pretty busy weekend.

I've not relinquished all hope that Pete can heal up on his own, but it's not looking good. Worse than ever, according to this report by Carroll over at the AJC:

The miracle Peter Moylan was hoping for took a serious — and perhaps final — blow Saturday. The side-arming Australian, who had one of the top rookie seasons in baseball last year, had to stop a bullpen session after only seven pitches.

He'll have his elbow examined by team doctors Sunday morning but seemed ready to face the prospect that season-ending surgery is coming.

Oh, so cute. These pics are from yesterday's broadcast, and I'm hoping Pete's newly filled-out face is from too much chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and not from prescription steroids -- Prednisone tends to make a face puff a little bit. Anyway, I think it's kind of endearing. (I wonder what Huddy would look like a little on the less-slim side?)

Get well soon, Pete. If you need surgery, please go ahead and get it over with so we can have you back ASAP.

2:30pm MONDAY UPDATE: Pete's been placed on the 60-day disabled list. That means surgery, folks. :(

Press release (at bottom)


Anonymous said...

depressing :(. an artical in the ajc said he'll have surgery sometime this week, if i find out when im totally wearing black to school, because, in a word, sucks. :(. games just wont be the same w/o without being able to wonder if hes gonna come in or not, plus i have a cousin coming in for my birthday who really wants to see him pitch in person :(

Anonymous said...

ohhh yeah i forgot to add that in those pics i just want to pinch his cheeks lol :D