Friday, May 16, 2008

TiVo alert! TWIB on Saturday

I will have two recording devices set for this, since I'll be at a wedding, but check it out!!

'Baseball Brothers' highlights the bond between MLB players


Major League Baseball Productions and TWIB tracked three sets of teammates -- the Braves' Jeff Francoeur and Brian McCann, the Brewers' Prince Fielder and Bill Hall and the Phillies' Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins -- to portray the familial bond between them, and capture their seemingly endless pursuit to entertain each other during the most grueling sports schedule.

Viewers are taken beyond the mundane clubhouse interviews and granted unprecedented access on the field and in the dugout. It allows fans to get a true sense of their favorite players' personality, rather than just their game persona.


Francoeur and McCann, who grew up playing high school baseball in suburban Atlanta and have been close friends since they were 12, seem to have never lost their lightheartedness.

"Brian and I know that we're lucky to have done so much together," said Francoeur, the Braves' right fielder. "The cool thing is that we're still close friends and I want nothing more than to see him do well all of the time."


"Jeff has always been one of those special players that you just enjoy watching. We still have a ton of fun together, and it's great that we've been able to play together in our hometown," McCann, the Braves' catcher, said.

Why yes, he is a special player, Brian. ;)

This Week in Baseball airs on Saturdays at 3pm on FOX in Atlanta. Check your local listings for your city's date and time.

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Jo said...

Definitely won't miss this one! Thanks for sharing!