Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vote for our All-Stars!

I can't believe I haven't started plugging this yet!

The first round of results are in and three Atlanta Braves are among the leaders at their positions.

Chipper Jones is currenty leading all NL [third] basemen in All-Star votes, Brian McCann is just behind Chicago's Geovany Soto at second among NL catchers and Jeff Francoeur is one of the top 15 outfield vote getters.

We cannot let the Cubs' Soto take Baby's rightful place as the NL starter. 25 votes per email address -- use every email address you have, and get your friends and family to do the same! We need more pictures like this one!

So cute. :)


slappywhite said...

I just did my part. I wish voting for the President was that fun!

Jo said...

I voted! I hope Mac won't be the only one there again this year. Looks like Chipper and the hugs will be going too.

I think voting for the President is exciting, but I'm also a weird political junkie. I just can't help myself.

Jessica said...

I love voting for anything, especially the Braves! 2 emails, 25times each. Will go for the third tomorrow!
Can't wait to see the boys in New York!

Lauren T. said...

Y'all are great. :) :) :)