Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"You got hit in the mans parts"

I'm loving this interview with Atlanta's AM 790 The Zone, where they spend forever talking to an uncomfortable Brian McCann about his banged up "between the shin guards" area and farting on umpires.

Interview Link

Mac: "I'm glad everything's still intact."

...He inspected, didn't he? :D


Jessica said...

Great interview. Mac was very well-spoken. Bet he's even more frustrated tonight...can't believe Jo-Jo has to get the loss in a 1-0 game. He was unbelieveable tonight.

sdp said...

I think they said "letting one go bye" as in letting a ball go bye and hit the umpire if the catcher isn't not happy with him. Not, "letting one go."


Lauren T. said...

Jessica, I think he's been practicing for interviews. He was nearly wetting his pants every time he realized a camera was on him back in '05, but he's doing much better now.

Stevie, that makes sense. I do love the idea of the catchers farting on the umps when they're not happy, though. :D

Leah said...

There's another one he did on the 21st and he talks about being a hockey goalie and how bad he is at skating. Glavine said he could get eight goals off Mac and Mac said he was going to challenge Glavine on that.

Also, talking about some security system in his house and the DJ's ask him if he and Jeff call the security people for the heck of it and pull jokes.

Also says he doesn't read blogs or go on the net too much, but he does go on most days, which I already knew from last year's souvenir program.

Also, him wanting to do some boxing or tae bo in the off season. He says he could hit some bunt singles if they keep putting shifts on him, but I think he was kidding.

And is it me or does he sound like he's either really tired or half asleep or really unenthused in phone interviews? But yeah, he has gotten better with interviews overall, he doesn't look at the cameras at all either, or at least not after games.