Sunday, June 29, 2008

In praise of John Smoltz

For these reasons and more, Cox wanted Smoltz back in his dugout this summer.

"I've been lucky having John all these years," the manager said. "It's been a manager's dream. A specially talented person."

"The guy has no ego," Gonzalez said. "So who do you think you are?"

And if this is his last season, Smoltz gets a last three-month cruise around the NL with no job other than being John Smoltz. Amazingly, he has seen 200 pitchers come and go through the Braves clubhouse. Being merely No. 201 is beyond odd.
Full (awesome) article here.

Also, reader Jennifer sent over this article, complete with picture!

“He has to have a tremendous impact on the kids; it has a tremendous impact on me, a high school coach, just watching him take the time to go one-on-one with them and take the time to make them better players,” Lawler said. “He does things right.”


Jessica said...

Awesome articles! It's funny, I've watched Smoltzie for 20 years and I've always loved him on the field. But, I didn't realize how great he is off the field. What a bonus. I'm so glad everyone is taking advantage of having him around.

CABravesFan said...

I'm with you Jessica-I've always been a fan but seeing stories like this really makes me appreciate what a great person Smoltzie is and I like him that much more.

Jennifer said...

I think I love MattE a little now, because of this,

"When you talk with him, you don't realize you're talking to a guy who's going to Cooperstown," Diaz said. "You're talking to John Smoltz, the 41-year-old 15-year-old, competitive as anyone, who wants to beat you in anything."

Maybe in another week or two.

"With all the surgery he's had," Diaz said, "you'd figure he had some leftover Percocets."

Apparently he didn't hear the Dan Patrick interview. That was a looooooot of giggling for a boy not on narcotics. Just sayin'. :D So cute. "41-year-old 15-year-old." That's my baby. <3

I think it's remarkable that he spends so much time at the camp. I know it has his name on it, but still, I'm sure he's not obligated to be there basically the whole time. I wonder if it's because he's bored out of his skull right now, or if that's the norm.