Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sori goes home, literally

From the AJC...

Injured Braves closer Rafael Soriano is back home in the Dominican Republic for a few days for "personal reasons," general manager Frank Wren said. There was no further explanation.


He has had a battery of tests performed that have revealed no ligament or tendon tears. The diagnosis have been general: "tendinitis" or "elbow inflammation."
Hmmm...I'm very curious about this. I hope the trip is just for a mental health break (don't we all need those from work sometimes?) and I hope there's not anything wrong with his family or his ability to work in the US.

Until he returns, Gonzo is proving to be a very valuable closer again after his surgery. Woo!

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Jessica said...

Poor Sori. You can tell he's just as frustrated as everyone else. I hope he gets it figured out (be it mental or physical). I really love what Gonzo's doing (and I'm soooo happy that he's back), but we'd be that much better with both of them available.