Sunday, June 22, 2008

So uncomfortable

"No, stop -- I don't want to hug y... seriously, stop it with the leg. Go hug Frenchy or Chipper or one of your other boyfriends like that, and we'll just shake hands like normal dudes, ok?"

Three HRs for Teix, one for Baby, and a great outing for Huddy. Way to pick it up, guys!

Going to the game tomorrow -- woo! Let's make it three in a row!


MoonKween's Kastle said...

great commentary! :-)

hate to say it, but i'm soooo glad frenchy sat today. we needed his useless bat outta the lineup.

way to go, tex!!! (and boy, did he ever help my fantasy team!) LOL

CABravesFan said...

any picture of Gonzo and Mac together is fine by me

There was a great moment on TV today of the dugout...yeah- not bad:)

anyone else catch Mac droping an f-bomb when he struck out with the Braves up 8-0? One more reason why I love him:)

Allee said...

Too cute.
Again...these guys just make me smile when they do this kinda stuff. And, I'm totally ok with any picture with Gonzo & Mac, too. =]

Big day for the boys...I'm proud of them. And, I hate to say this (may the baseball gods forgive me!) but I think Frenchy needed a day off, he shouldn't have even been pinch hitting in my mind.

Ugh, now I won't be able to sleep tonight because of that...shame on me.. =/

MoonKween's Kastle said...

it's ok,'re allowed to admit (outloud, in writing) that he stinks right now. the baseball gods have already forgiven you (and i'm sure frenchy has, too) :-)

he's in a big-time slump. it happens to the best of 'em.

Lauren T. said...

Allee, I agree -- Frenchy shouldn't have pinch hit. He needed a mental break more than a physical one, and putting him in the game doesn't provide a complete break. *sigh*

Jennifer said...

Gonzo's Latin, right? Aren't they supposed to be touchy-feely? He can't take a little Irish lovin' from his catcher? LOL! Adorable. He's like a big puppy.

CABravesFan said...


Mike is actually from Texas...

I just got a great image in my head off that "he's like a big puppy" comment...thanks for that:)

MoonKween's Kastle said...

if you're talkin' about BMc, you're right -- he kinda reminds me of a golden retriever! loyal & lovable! LOL!!

Jennifer said...

CAbravesfan, my point was that no matter where you were born, you can be of Latin extraction. I'm Irish and German, and I've never set foot on the European continent. : )

CABravesFan said...

jennifer- figured that is what you meant as soon as i hit "enter"
but just in case...:)

(I wasn't sure where he was from- had to double check)