Monday, June 2, 2008

Teix and his Gatorade bars

Man, I love Teix. He could not possibly be cuter, eating his energy bar and reenacting his swing for Huddy, MattE, and KJ. I kept the video running a little longer than we see Teix eating so you can hear Joe talk about how Teix is a "creature of habit". If you've ever seen him warm up, you know that's the truth.

"Ooooh, isn't that pretty? Look how fiiiiirm and straaaaight that front side is!" Oh, Joe. Ha ha ha.



Allee said...

Joe is funny....firm and straight, I don't think he realized all of the females in the world are concentrating on every word said about Tex. =]
And, I love dugout videos....they let us see the real side of the boys.

Spunky said...

ROFL this made me giggle so much.