Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Yunie has a deeper voice than I expected

There are people in the Atlanta media who say the Latin players avoid interviews, claiming they (the players) don't speak English. Greg White playing translator in this interview certainly keeps up the appearance.

Now, I've never had a conversation with Yunel Escobar, so maybe I'm pulling this out of thin air...but from the way he's nodding it looks like he understands English and is agreeing with Gregor's translation, and his "thank you" at the end doesn't have a hint of an accent. I'll bet Yunie's English is just fine, and he just doesn't want to get trapped naked in a corner the way KJ did the other night. ;)


sdp said...

It's probably just me, but I find this trio hilarious.

Lauren T. said...

I would have liked it better had it been Our Katy Temple instead of Jerome. She's fluent in Spanish, and we could have read subtitles...but then we wouldn't have seen Gregor trying to get his two cents in while "translating". ;)