Saturday, July 26, 2008

Already missing Charlie...

There's a 7+ minute video interview with Charlie on the front page of the Richmond Braves website, and he's SO DANG CUTE. I can't wait till he gets called back up.


Anonymous said...

i miss charlie as well. i'd prefer charlie WAY more than Jo-Jo. but, it's not up to me, now is it? :D. ((actually, that's a scary thought. we'd probably be way out of the race for the division if i were in charge :D))

ps: i'm sorry, but I'm an offical Twilight-Head and everytime I see Charlie I think of Charlie Swan, as in Bella's father. :D

CoriJo said...

Oh he is just too precious! I miss him already :(
I definitely think Jo-Jo should have been the one to go...Maybe I'm slightly biased though ;)

Lizziebeth said...

I miss Charlie, too. Those dimples are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay adorable! I felt really self-conscious about taking pics of him in the bullpen last weekend; didn't want to disrupt his "pschye" or whatever. Ha ha...cheeks (watching the video while typing)...that could be his nickname! See?: