Saturday, July 26, 2008

Getting to know Brian McCann

Thanks Jenna! You rock.

As for that video...that police officer looks pretty p0rny, no? Heh.


Lo said...

I KNEW you would have this up as soon as I saw it today. Could he be any cuter?

What a heartbreak today, huh?

slappywhite said...

He just makes me smile. Is it just me or is he becoming quite the ham???

Heartbreak is right, stupid Phillies. We'll get them tomorrow. The Phillies are overrated.

Leah said...

He may not be that great of an actor but he had me sold with his little grins and facial expressions and what not. You could tell he was kinda nervous, like he usually gets in front of cameras. He's so cute, though. :D

Anonymous said...

Saved by the Bell! haha!!

Jennifer said...

Oh, so adorable!

Saved By The Bell. <3

CABravesFan said...

Mac has the most amazing smile:)

Can't believe he admitted to liking Saved by the Bell...on the other hand that seems so him.