Saturday, July 26, 2008

Charlie back to AAA; Ohman's funny

Who's being send down to make room for Hampton?

By Carroll Rogers
July 26, 2008 2:58 PM | Link to this

It’s Charlie Morton. He’s going down to Richmond. the move won’t be official until game time but that’s what it’ll be if hampton gets out to the mound. The reasoning Bobby gave is that Jo-Jo is backing up Hampton today on regular rest. For Morton to do it, he would be on three days’ rest. Simple as that.

I asked if it was anything more than that, Jo-Jo’s having a little more big league experience, what have you, cox said “I like them both.” I asked if he’d liked what he’d seen out of Morton, he said “Yeah. A lot. Like to keep him. He’ll be back.”

BE SURE to check out Will Ohman doing the lineups on FOX today. he’ll be doing it in the voice of Harry Caray. I heard him do a snippet or two and it was damn good. fire back what you think. i bet will’s curious...
This is not cool, man. Charlie's better than Jo-Jo, and I don't trust Hampton as far as I can throw him. Maybe he'll prove me wrong...we'll see. And Will doing the lineup as Harry Caray! WOO!

BTW, does Will Ohman remind anyone else of Chandler Bing, personality-wise? Anyone? Just me? Okay, then.

In other news...this Friday: Braves Power Lunch! More info here; attendees on the schedule are Chipper, Baby, Buddy, and KNUCKSIE. Sounds like a good one, gang! If you make it, let me know, OK?

Fun with Google! This week's good searches...
  • chipper jones shirtless
    • Ew, no. I don't have any pictures of that, and don't WANT them. Please don't email any to me.

  • is gregor blanco married
    • Greg White is NOT married! Y'all jump on that -- he's cute.

  • is tim hudson going bald
    • That ship has sailed, I think.

  • lillibridge brent, butt
    • Wow.

  • "nick green free"


Jennifer said...

I live for the Google searches. :D

Charlie, awww. :(

Lo said...

I liked Bobby's comments on why it was Charlie instead of Reyes. I think Charlie will be back soon.

I wouldnt mind seeing Chipper shirtless, email them to ME if anyone has any lol. On the real though, I saw pics of him in underarmor with that guy who caught his 400th homer ball and he looks like he has a belly. I was surprised because he looks trim in his street clothes and uni.

Lo said...

Oh and I lurved Nick Green back in the day too. So much that I had him on google news alert for a while after he got traded and I would get emails all the time about some pitcher named Nick Green who was in AAA league and an olympic rower named Nick Green.

Anonymous said...

i promise the lillibridge search wasn't me :D. ((seriously... i have enough pictures of his but ;D))

Anonymous said...

((ps: hush! i like lillibridge. he's awesome, and i also know one of his siblings :D.))

Jessica said...

Will's intro was hilarious. I'd heard he was a jokester, but that was too funny (especially considering there are often Carays up in the booth :)

Lizziebeth said...

I thought Ohman was doing great, too! But then my satellite went Hey, sending Charlie down just gives me another reason to not like Mr. Glass. Odds are he'll rupture a spleen or get an eyelash under a fingernail or some such "injury" and Charlie will be back in no time. I miss Lilli too:

crista, the boy is limber:

Chipper shirtless = Chino in a towel; Uh...NO please NO...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Lo said...

Hey how do you get the google search terms anyway? Is it something built in to your blog or is there some code you gotta put in somewhere?

I have a personal blog and I only get maybe 200 hits a day but every once in a while I'll get like 1700 or something on a day I haven't even posted anything and I'm thinking woah what happened here!

My blog is wordpress and it does show search terms but it doesn't say if they come from google or where but its the same old terms over and over again, nothing that would warrant that much of a jump in traffic so I was just wondering if maybe you had some tool I didn't have or whatever.

Lauren T. said...

Lo, I use Google Analytics. It's pretty dang awesome.

princesarw18 said...

gregor blanco has a girlfriend in venezuela and also has a 3 year old son. When he was batting during a game jon sciambi talked about her. Here is a video to prove it.