Friday, July 25, 2008

I totally called Baby's GRAND SLAM!

9:30 PM me: way to run, Greg White!
I love hustle
Jennifer: I like Greg White
9:33 PM me: he's a doll
bases loaded!
no outs!
Jennifer: wooot!
9:35 PM me: Beardy can go ahead and knock a GS now
9:36 PM wouldn't that just kill the Phils?
if he does, he's gonna get booed here like Larry does at Shea
Jennifer: except that Larry is moderately loathesome and look at how adorable Baby is. :*
9:37 PM me: they're making fun of me for loving him on CN
I love JJ
always smiling
Jennifer: he's cute
well, lookee there!
Jennifer: you totally called it
Jennifer: studmuffin
let the pawing begin!
me: <3
ha ha
9:39 PM Jennifer: they're making fun of you for loving Baby?
me: always :)
Look at his hair!!
9:40 PM Jennifer: oh, I totally see scalp there
me: I yelled when he hit it, and my roommate just now came out here to see what I was yelling about.
9:41 PM Jennifer: heh

Congrats, Baby! :D

Photos: AP


slappywhite said...

I was in a bar in Philly. When he hit it I yelled, "That's Baby!!!"

So your lingo is rubbing off. Phillies fans are such tools.

Anonymous said...

Can you call Teix signing a long-term contract with us?

Lauren T. said...

Nice, SW! Way to represent!

Crista, done. I'm also calling the Braves winning the division this year. :D