Sunday, July 20, 2008

Article Catchup

Taking an All-Star break along with the players leaves a lot of fun stuff to read after the break is over. :) Here are some articles that you may be interested in...

Braves' McCann cleans up at plate, not locker

Before Tuesday night's All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium, an attendant reached into the messiest locker stall in the National League clubhouse, picked a jersey out of a pile of clothes, cleats and catcher's gear on the floor, and hung it neatly from a hanger.

It was Brian McCann's jersey.
Braves teammates call him "Heap" for a reason — it's where McCann's stuff is often found, in heaps.

But his disheveled appearance and easygoing demeanor belie a driven, fiercely competitive player who happens to be one of most polished 24-year-old hitters you could ever want on your team.
(Well, that's not the only reason they call him "Heap". Heh.)

Young arms throw Braves staff lifesaver
"I had Kotsay come up to me [the next day] and grab my face and say, 'If I ever hear you doubt yourself ever again, you're going to have a problem,' " [Charlie] Morton said. "Guys have been like that. Everybody I've talked to has been supportive. That's sometimes what you need as a new player and a young pitcher."

AJC Photo Gallery: What's your favorite Braves jersey?

Francoeur working way back
"Shave!" the bearded McCann yelled during batting practice Friday. "Be original."

Of course, who can blame Francoeur for trying for a look that has worked for his long-time friend?

"He's copying me," McCann joked later. "I don't like it. Tell him to get his own identity."

Smoltz tests his TV savvy on SportSouth shows
He will work for the network on pregame and postgame shows for Wednesday and Sunday home games when possible. He's not doing postgame Sunday because he's re-joining the Braves for the upcoming road trip.

And here are some fun Google searches that led people to Braves Love in the last couple of weeks...
  • who is gregor blanco's wife
    • Gregor is single, ladies. :)

  • what did brian mccann shirt at the all star parade say
    • I would really like to know!

  • how long did brian mccann date ashley
    • According to the stories, they first got together in 10th grade.

  • is matt diaz married?
    • He is, and she's a cutie! He's another one I need a single clone of, like Teix. ;)

  • brian mccann shirtless
    brian mccann shirtless photos
  • will ohman is awesome

  • mark teixeira eating a gatorade bar

  • buck commander chipper jones
    • You know, every time I say this aloud, it always comes out "Butt Commander".

  • brent lillibridge cute
    • To each her own. Have at him.


CABravesFan said...

Ok I have to ask- where on earth did you find that picture of Mac without his shirt on??

slappywhite said...

Mr. McCann's shirt didn't say anything at the parade- as far as I could tell. There are pics of the parade on He is in one or two. Ashley's hair looks really good in one of them.

Allee said...

Wow...Mac...that's just a little much. Let's keep the shirt on for the most part now, kay? =]

Lauren T. said...

CA, it's from Jenny's blog, Velcro Vernacular. She's been a bit busy with "real life" to blog lately, but you'd probably get a kick out of her archives.

My roommate's favorite part of the beach picture is how Baby's belly is in his lap, a little. I just like the idea of Pete Orr! and Thor hanging out together. (I could care less about Creepy Tyler Yates.)

Slappy, thanks for the photobucket tip -- I found a pic and it's in its own post. :)