Monday, July 14, 2008

Live Blogging the '08 Home Run Derby!

You can watch live on ESPN at 8pm ET or online at! I'll be updating this post regularly throughout the night, so please hit refresh from 8-11pm tonight! If you have a question you'd like answered during the show, feel free to use the meebo IM box to the right, and I'll post the answers to your questions. (Make sure you include your name!)

7:39pm --
Standing in Yankee Stadium is apparently "the coolest thing in the whole world". (As a Braves fan, I beg to differ, but to each his/her own.)

7:51pm --
Me: Laverne looks so old! Quick, what time is it?
Roomie: I don't know; look at one of your eight clocks.
(I only have six visible clocks from this seat in the living room -- shut it, I like clocks.)

7:56pm --
Roomie: Why do they call [Lance Berkman] "Big Puma"? Is it because he's got such a big belly?
Me: I have a know the term "cougar"? I'm imagining "Puma" to be the male version of that.

8:00pm --
Jo: Peter Gammons likes Three Doors Down?!!!? Ha I ::heart:: him.

8:08pm --
I still don't know who Justin Morneau is.

8:09pm --
Jo: You know what's great about ESPN doing this? No Chip Caray.
Me: YES.

8:12pm --
Chase Utley is a doll. I wish he wasn't a Phillie, so I could love him more.

8:14pm --
Reggie Jackson throws out the first pitch to Derek Jeter. Of course it's Jeter. *rolls eyes*

8:15pm --
Erin Andrews' blouse is fit for a Disney Princess.

8:19pm --
I'm still not tired of "the most interesting man in the world". Love those Dos Equis commercials.

The State Farm Home Run Derby is sponsored by State Farm. Would you ever have guessed that?? Shocker!

8:23pm --
I'm already done with the BACKBACKBACKBACKs.

8:26pm --
HAHAHAHA, poor kid, biffing it in the grass.

8:32pm --
Grady Sizemore has a very cute face.

8:43pm --
"That one's WAY Back!" ESPN, where else would it be? Way FRONT? Please retire the word "back".

8:47pm --
I'm really surprised Utley's here. He's not a big power guy. (Still love him, though.)

ae1125 said: "
chris berman is the most annoying person alive!!" Dude, I KNOW.

8:57pm --
My friend Shaun loves you, Lance Berkman --just so you know.

8:59pm --
Jo: Why they heck is Berman announcing in a really weird whisper?
Jo: I'd like to smack him
Me: Why the heck is he announcing period?
Jo: Touche
Me: It should be Boog.
Me: I love Boog. Maybe one day.
Jo: One day
Jo: He has one foot in the door, already works for ESPN
Jo: Just has to be 60
Me: HA

9:10pm --
[yelling from the kitchen] Why are they still playing Ciara's "Goodies"?

9:20pm --
Jessica: are chipper or mac hanging around watching? I haven't seen them...
Me: I've been watching for them -- haven't seen them. :(

9:24pm --
That Gillette commercial, with Jeter and Tiger and that weird-looking tennis guy? They totally shot that on different days and computerized everyone together. Not cool.

9:28pm --
Josh Hamilton hit a 502ft. home run. Amazing.

9:31pm --
I want to know what was in the briefcase!

9:33pm --
That outfield umpire is really, really young. And kinda cute.

Bubba! Braves trainer Jeff Porter was just in the background! He was selected to be on the All-Star staff, too

9:34pm --
Manny's kid is SO CUTE. Cuter than his dad!

ETA: SCJ pointed out that this is Hanley's kid, not Manny's. Sorry!

9:39pm --
HA, fans running into the black to catch one of Josh Hamilton's home runs (#17, I think), and the security chased them down. Security had one in a choke hold!

9:41pm --
Baby Ramirez pushing another kid out of the camera -- loves the spotlight, just like his papa. :D

23 home runs for Josh now...

9:45pm --
Big Papi's face is extraordinarily well-groomed. White guys, are you paying attention? A well-groomed face is very attractive.

9:50pm --
Single round home run record -- 28! A high school coach / Josh's BP pitcher, Claybon Counsil, is awesome.

Roomie: I want to marry that old man! Look how cute he is!

9:58pm --
Me: Who is that catcher? He has a good cup.
Roomie: Excuse me?
Me: Cup. Catcher. Good.
Roomie: Why don't you put THAT on your blog!
Me: Maybe I WILL.

slappywhite: "
Where or where are Mac and Chipper???" Still haven't seen either. :/

10:11pm --
I kinda miss the Dane Cook "Actober" commercials.

10:14pm --
"It's a bad night to be an atheist." Heh. I wish I knew who said that -- one of the ESPN guys...

ETA: Tom in Iowa says it was Rick Reilly. Thanks!

10:23pm --
Joe Mauer is one of the most handsome men in MLB.

Roomie is dancing on the other couch, making fun of Josh's "my bad" hands he just showed to the photographers. Heh.

10:25pm --
I'm sleepy. Is this thing over yet?

10:43pm --
Queso queso!

10:49pm --
They're playing the Rocky music. Good choice.

In case you're curious, yes, Chase Utley did curse at the Yankees fans.

10:51pm --
Justin Morneau wins! Great show by Josh, but Justin wins! (Still don't know who he is...) :D

Thanks for joining, all those who emailed, commented, and IMed. Have a good night, all!


Anonymous said...

Thought I'd share some pictures, I only saw him once, but my brothers took these pics. His Name is Brendan Avery Childs and is about 3-4 lbs. and 16-ish inches :). Chandra had eclempsia which caused her to have seizures this morning, so they went a head with the baby. They said she should be fine, but she's in recovery from a surgery-ish thing she had to have after he was born right now, so we decided to head home.

I'll stay on topic now :D

ae1125 said...

hi! i have been reading this blog for while, and looove it, but have never left a comment.

i am really excited about this homerun derby, except for the fact that chris berman is the most annoying person alive!!

i would also have to agree about grady! he has a cute everything :)

Jessica said...

I think I'd rather hear Chip than Berman...

And Evan Longoria is a doll. <3

sdp said...

Erin Andrews...

There is a God.

slappywhite said...

Where or where are Mac and Chipper??? I hope thier wives let them sit down there on the field with the party.

Jessica said...

Don't know about Mac, but I bet Chipper's sitting with his Dad. The articles about how excited they are were awesome.

Spunky said...

Don't shoot me LOL I'm a Braves fan all the way of course, but I did go on a Yankee Stadium tour last year, and it was SOOO cool. I love it for all the history rather than the recent teams. I'm really glad that I had the chance to go there.

Oh and yeah, Joe Mauer is quite a cutie ;)

SCJ said...

How much do you love Josh Hamilton right now? He's adorable!

And that first round was insane!

CABravesFan said...

i was pulling for Josh Hamilton...too bad he got tired- he is a cutie with that curly hair:)

I was hoping they would show Mac and/or Chipper but alas, no luck- ph well there is always tomorrow:)

SCJ said...

And Ramirez jr. (haha) was Hanleys little boy! :) not manny's

Lauren T. said...

Heh, thanks SCJ -- I assumed, with the hair and the camera mugging, that it was Baby Manny, not Baby Hanley. :)