Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our Braves at the HR Derby

There were more than a few pics of Chipper, but none of Baby. Well, there was this one...sort of...

That's his hair and his ear to Chipper's right, I'm assuming. The gray unis are boring, no? They're not as bad as yellow or orange, so that's good, and I'm sure Brian's not complaining. Three All-Star appearances in three years? That's just amazing.

Here's another pic from yesterday, with some superstar hugging:

They're just feeling each other's awesomeness. Good times.


CABravesFan said...

Just came across this little gem from David O'Brien's column at the AJC:

It’s funny, Mac’s locker is also the messiest here, just like at home. I was standing there waiting for him and an attendant came by, noticed Mac’s jersey crumpled up on the floor, and reached down and hung it up for him.

I told the guy, you see why they call him “Heap” at home.

Nice to know some things don't change...even at All-Star games:)

amanda said...

Are the photos from the Derby or from BP? I kept looking at the shots of the players last night for our Bravos and I never saw them. I was beginning to think they didn't go to the Derby.