Saturday, August 16, 2008

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Giants 8-15-08

Brilliant. The running, the beard, the strained neck, the tongue, the pants (for those of you who look at that sort of thing) ... it's the best gameday program cover ever, I think. Frenchy amuses me so.

My friend Shaun (the one that loves "The Big Puma") got some sweet dugout seats from work and even gave me the Diamond Preferred parking pass. Thanks, babe! As you'll see from the in-game pics, we were super-close to the field.

Batting practice was pretty boring...

Onto Giants BP... some pics of Zito and Lincecum for my girls: pic 1 ~ pic 2 ~ pic 3 ~ pic 4 ~ pic 5 And one of just Zito, stretching.

Done with BP, I went to get my free soda (just sign up to be a designated driver!) and watch the Georgia Tech marching band. My brother goes to Tech, and I was on the drumline back in the day, so this was fun to see. Then on the way to the (excellent) seats, I stopped to see the player parking lot. Huddy's truck! Yay, he's here! Just a week after surgery! (The other giant blue truck is Chipper's, according to pics from the Power Lunches.)

Aren't these great seats? So, so cool. I watched some pre-game on-the-field workouts -- it's not the same without Teix...

Baby was in the outfield, stretching under Eddie's supervision. pic 1 ~ pic 2 ~ pic 3 ~ pic 4 ~ pic 5

JJ trots out to warm up!

The Ramblin' Wreck brings out the first pitch ball. The girl who threw it out is an athlete of some sort, and was totally smitten by Clint. (Can you blame her?)

Frenchy, hamming it up.

Game time!
  • Three rows behind the dugout is a great place to sit, if you want to peek at the players. The only bad thing about ogling the guys? They look back! I made eye contact with MattE, and it wasn't just a shared glance -- it looked like he was trying to figure out if he knew me. No, we haven't met. (No, he wasn't checking me out. It was that look of, "Don't I know you from somewhere?") Here are some pics from later on, of MattE sipping a refreshing beverage.

  • KJ's hair fascinates me, for some reason. I want to smell it, but not in a weird way. He just clean and fresh than some of the guys. pic 1 ~ pic 2 ~ pic 3 ~ pic 4 ~ pic 5 ~ pic 6 (not picking his nose)

  • Aww, the Skip Caray Broadcast Booth. The flag is still at half-mast, too. Later in the evening, Joe's cracking up about something.

  • These three guys rock! Can you see? They're wearing a McCann #16 jersey, a Francoeur #7 jersey, and a Diaz #23 jersey. I want to be friends with them. Call me, boys! :)

  • Charlie and Clint! Drink that SmartWater, dear. You'll need it in that clubhouse. ;)

  • Frenchy at bat. Frenchy out. Chin up, young person!

  • Baby, I'd rather you not look at me like that. And Jeff? Please stop with the giant ball of tobacco. It really takes away from the whole picture.

  • Speaking of Baby...

Good night, boys! Hope we win next time.


CABravesFan said...

I think Kelly is just one of those guys that always looks...pretty- never looks dirty or sweaty or mused- the GQ comment was right on:)

Thanks for the pics of Zito- I am a big fan (we were at USC at the same time- he was a beast in college) but my are those pants TIGHT

By the way was that guy REALLY wearing a Darryl Strawberry mets jersy to a Braves game??

Leah said...

Kelly intrigues me in a lot of ways. All of his Straight Up "confessions" made me like him even more. I wish there was more info out there about him, but he seems like a simple kind of guy, which is totally attractive.

Mac is just Mac and he's totally lovable that way. He really doesn't care that much and just does things his own way and looks so cute doing it, too. ;)

Really good pictures as usual! :)

Crista Michelle said...

Lauren, your pics are fantastitlistic :D

We went tonight. It was fun. I got a great pic of gonzo and moylan hugging during bp ;).

BP was Sucky tonight. Moylan caught a ball, and he threw to me. It landed in my hat, and this girl grabbed it out of my hat. It was meant for me, i swear he grimaced or something when she got it. :/. I was p/oed. And then i had to go to first aid because there was something was wrong with my legs.

But all in all, it was a great game.
^^^ Gonzo and Moylan hugging

Crista Michelle said...

Ohh yeah, and the Blue Neon car that you saw, i asked a security guard, he said it's kotchman's car. o.0

CABravesFan said...

Kotchman's car, huh? I guess that means there is hope that it is a rental. Please someone tell me it's a rental...

Agree Leah- Mac is just Mac and that's why we all love him (the fact that he is so adorable doesn't hurt)- loved Smoltzie trying not to crack up on the air tonight watching
him nearly run up Chippers back and then get thrown out running through a stop sign- and Kots and Huddy laughing at him in the dugout:)

Jennifer said...

Very nice. I love that Charlie busted you, but at the same time, it's like he's wondering if you're really looking at him. Charles Adorable Morton. :)

Love Timmy's puppy-like way of tagging along with My Next Husband. Nothing good can come of that, heh, but it's awfully cute.

Lauren T. said...

Glad you guys like the pics! :)

I made the tight Zito pants comment to a friend on the phone. They're painted on, aren't they?

This season, there are a lot of people at the Ted wearing jerseys that don't match the home or visiting team. It's been like that episode of Seinfeld, where Elaine tried to wear the Orioles cap in the Yankees' owner's box. Just because it's a baseball game doesn't mean you can wear another team's gear!

Nice pic, Crista! I hate it when people are so rude. You'll have to work on your glove-snapping-shut reaction time. ;)

As for Krotchman's car, I'm *really* hoping that's a rental. It's hideous.

Did you guys see Huddy "running" like Baby in the dugout? I may have to go back and find that. :D

Allee said...

Yeah, I don't understand how Kelly's hair doesn't get's a mystery to me.
Love the pictures of Mac and Frenchy. Those boys never cease to make me smile.
I went to the game last night when Frenchy went 4 for 5 (I think he knew I was there, haha just kidding).
Great pictures as always. And, anytime you've got some extra great seats like that, feel free to call me ;]

Allee said...

And, I about peed on myself when I saw Frenchy on the front of the Game Day last night.
It started the game off to a great start. =]

Anonymous said...

Which car is Chipper's in that picture? I didn't see a picture of his car in the Power Lunch pictures

Lauren T. said...

Huddy's truck is the blue Dodge on the left (closer to the camera); Chipper's truck is the blue Ford on the right (farther back).

Jo said...

I <3 Lincecum. If he and C.J. Wilson ever made it over to the Braves at the same time I'd buy season tickets. I'm sure that will never happen, however.