Saturday, August 16, 2008

Now, I'm not saying the AJC *lies*, exactly...

Fresh off of a potentially slump-breaking night, Jeff Francoeur paid a visit to a most welcoming fan base — students and teachers at his old elementary school.

The Braves right fielder paid a surprise visit Friday morning to Camp Creek Elementary School in Lilburn, signing autographs, posing for pictures and fielding an offer from a child to be his agent.
"A surprise visit"? Really, AJC? Are you telling me all these kids wear all their Braves gear to class every day?

Oooooookay. ;) Well, the kids look super-excited to see him, and that's what's important. Also, I like Catie's shoes. :D


Stuff to read:

Glavine: ligament surgery would signal end to career
Tom Glavine believes he’s headed to surgery to repair his sore left elbow, but he hopes and believes what the surgery will be to repair a torn flexor tendon, not his ligament.

Surgery to repair the flexor tendon would require only about three to four months’ recovery time, Glavine said. In that case he would be ready to pitch at the start of next season, and he would consider pitching next year.

If his ligament is damaged to the point of needing ligament-transplant surgery — which requires 12-16 months recovery and is much more difficult on a 42-year-old — he said he will not have the surgery and he will retire.

Glavine has an appointment with Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham on Wednesday to find out which way he’ll go.
Speaking of Glav, I did not know he and AA manager Phil Wellman were once teammates.

Nice article on Thor's BFF, who's also competing in the Olympics.

MattE's knee's tweaked again. :(

Javy Lopez and the number '8'


Goodies from Thursday:

More proof that Yunie speaks English (rated R)

"Little Havana" appreciates Martin's hit:

Baby: Angry / Sleepy / Bored!

And Pete Moylan is bald! BALD!!

(Thanks for the pics, Carol!)


CABravesFan said...

PETE!! What were you thinking??

Jo said...


She was bald, Jerry! BALD!

Crista Michelle said...

for some reason i am totally all good with the baldness. As long as his behind is good ;). JOKING. a little :D. Umm.... i like it o.0 strangley enough