Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"I like to go streakin' sometimes; it's just one of them hobbies I like to do!"

Like last year, when the going gets tough, SportSouth gives us something to smile about. I've broken down Sunday night's special into a bunch of shorter videos -- hope you love this as much as I did!

(Sorry they're such poor quality, as usual. I'm very close to having enough money for a better recording device, which we will all enjoy.) :)


What is your favorite dessert?

Starring: Smoltz, Baby, JJ, Chipper, Frenchy, Pete Moylan, KJ, Bobby Cox, MattE, Glav, and Huddy


What are you deathly afraid of?

Starring: Kots, KJ, Baby, Glav, Jo-Jo, Blaine, MattE, Chipper, and KJ


What would surprise us about you?

Starring: Charlie, Jeff Bennett, Baby, Kots, and Will Ohman


What is your worst habit?

Starring: Jeff Bennett, Smoltzie, MattE, Pete Moylan, KJ, Glav, Chipper, Gregor, and Huddy


What in pop culture are you a closet fan of?

Starring: Chipper, Huddy, Will Ohman, Baby, Gregor, Clint, Frenchy, and MattE


What is your favorite movie line?

Starring: Blaine, Baby, Chipper, Frenchy, MattE and Will Ohman


Who would you want to play you in a movie?

Starring: Smoltzie, Kots, Frenchy, Chipper, Bobby Cox, Jo-Jo, Baby, Gonzo, Pete Moylan, MattE, TP, Huddy, Glav, and Will Ohman.


What is your favorite baseball memory?

Starring: Kots, Baby, JJ, Smoltzie, and Frenchy


What is the best prank you ever pulled, had pulled on you, or witnessed?
Do you have any superstitions?

Starring: Gonzo, JJ, Frenchy, Bobby Cox, Chipper, Smoltzie, KJ, Kots, Pete Moylan, Jo-Jo, MattE, Ruben Gotay, and Glav


What is your favorite ballpark?

Starring: Bobby Cox, Charlie, Jeff Bennett, KJ, Gonzo, Gregor, Chuck James, and TP


What's the best compliment you've ever gotten?

Starring: Kots, Blaine, Peter Moylan, JJ, Charlie, Chipper, and Baby


Which teammate would you let your daughter date?

Starring: Huddy, Chipper, Frenchy, Smoltzie, Glav, Blaine, MattE, Jeff Bennett, Charlie, Clint, Gregor, Pete Moylan, TP, and, sort of... KJ and Baby.


What's the best part about being a dad?

Starring: Kots, Gregor, MattE, Huddy, TP, Glav, and Chipper



Starring: MattE, Baby, Chuck James, KJ, Kots, Will Ohman, Pete Moylan, JJ, and Huddy


A few comments:

  • This was taped at different times of the year, obviously -- Pete's still wearing his glasses, so his portions were taped before he had Lasik (following his surgery).

  • I love Clint Sammons for watching Project Runway, and I love MattE more than ever for demonstrating Paula Abdul's clap.

  • Baby looks like he had a couple of beers before his taping. Look how flushed!

  • Huddy's a doll. "Snuggle time."

  • "Dippin'."

  • Why does MattE know N*SYNC so well? (Did I type their name right? I don't even know.)

  • Charlie's creepy little mustache. Please keep it shaven, babe. If you can't grow one like Giambi's, don't grow one at all.

  • "Samuel L. Jackson." The end. :D


Jennifer said...

Yeah, ok. All that stuff you said, and:

* "Icing." Are you serious, baby? Don't say something like that to a girl with a dirty mind. *picks own self up off of floor*

* Anything with no arms and no legs that can kill you... LOL! He's my closet favorite, I think. So cute. Nice hands, too. :D

* Huddy hasn't figured out yet that Kim's sending the kids in there when he's trying to sleep late. ;)

* Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. *sigh* Just when I didn't think I could love you any more. *sigh again*

* Let Frenchy's prank story be a lesson to all about how scary the idle minds of pitchers can be, and that if you're gonna pull the prank, you have to go alllll the way. Well done, boys. <3

Crista Michelle said...


okay. im going to be me.

I would love to see Moylan in one of those stripey shirts x].

Also, I can't understand what he's saying about his bad habbit x]

Lauren T. said...

Pete says his bad habit is "flatulence". ;)

I got some good pics of him at BP today, even though there wasn't a game. Will post them later...

Allee said...

Love that Matt used to love NSYNC...I was a HUGE fan and the Paula Abdul clap is tooo funny.
Huddy grows on me more and more every day...I love him!
Love Charlie and I'm absoultely obsessed with Project Runway, so Clint and I will get along VERY well. =D
And, the streaking...I mean, who does that for FUN? Haha
I hope they keep doing these shows, I absoultely love getting to know them better.

CABravesFan said...

I was so hoping you would post this! I love these things and have no other way to watch them- thanks Lauren:)

How cute is MattE?? and Huddy? And pretty much all of them? The simple fact that JJ said chocolate cake was his favorite dessert makes him one of my all time favorite braves:)

Jennifer said...

And another thing... :D

"Chuck James, b*tch!" is really kinda special, isn't he? Heh. ;)

Love, love, loving Bennett's haircutting abilities. Wish he were closer. I'd send my husband.

Methinks Larry was the closest to being honest about his worst habit, too. Soda? Seriously. ;)

Lauren T. said...

Know what goes well with soda? Milano cookies. Mmmmm.

Jennifer said...

Did you say Milano cooties? Because that's what I thought you said. :D

Lo said...

Uh Chipper? Friends isn't "pop culture" lol

I loved Matt saying NSYNC and Will Ohman is just too hilarious.

I watched this live Sunday so I'm sure I'm forgetting some comments I was thinking as I watched it but once again, you're great for putting these up for all the braves fans who don't get SS.

BTW..I found another pic from the ASP:


Brining sexy back? :D

CoriJo said...

I didn't realize how much I LOVE Matt until now... NSync? He definitely wins points for that. haha

I also never realized how much of a redneck Chuck James is. Almost makes me like him...almost. lol

oh, and allee...the streaking? apparently you didn't grow up in a small town. sad, but true. haha