Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Listen to the crowd of angels and saints; they're going berserk"

I hoped to not have to discuss Skip's funeral / memorial services, but the city is certainly making a big deal about his death. Today's daytime memorial service at Turner Field begins at 10am, and they mentioned on the news this morning that a live stream of the service will be available on 11alive.com and baseballchannel.tv. If you were not able to attend or hear the funeral services, the AJC has a concise article up today.

Here are a few media links, if you'd like to see some of the boys in their suits. I'm very disappointed Baby didn't wear a tie. You know he has one; they have to wear them on road trips. :/ (ETA: I remembered this morning that Skip loathed "neckties", so...maybe it was a tribute?)

Javy is in this video!

Click here for a video from wsbtv.com

Check out Ashley's ruffled top and how Catie somehow looks angry while smiling. Maybe that's her 'upset' face? Who knows. Moving on, Tommy still knows how to wear a suit, and surprisingly, Smoltzie doesn't. (Buttons are good for you, John.) (Thanks for the link, Jennifer!)

Photos from the AJC


I'll be at the game tonight, rain or shine. I'm really looking forward to seeing Skip's pre-game tribute and watching a couple of my baseball boyfriends pitch against each other. :)


Jennifer said...

Tommy is wearin' that suit. Damn. The other one tries. He has a fancy little pocket square, and everything, but, not the same. Javy is still the best looking human on the planet, I see. :)

Have fun tonight. Gotta love the boyfriend on boyfriend akshuh. :D I'll be rooting against your team, ;) but I hope Charlie carves. Maybe Ohman will crack under the pressure of facing his old team and give it up. :D

Morgan said...

I seriously almost wet myself when I saw Javy in that video. TMI, i know. I'm sorry. ;) This is the first time I've seen his new wife though. Totally Jealous.

My sister's boyfriend went to the memorial service today. He sent me one picture.


I'm not 100% sure that will work because it's uploaded from my email, but it's worth a try.

Lo said...

Uh. Hi Tommy. You're my new older man boyfriend. You are required to wear a suit on every..um..date. :D

Anyway, does Ashley have a broken leg? She was walking weird. No comment on Queen Catie. :x

Jennifer said...

Lo, Tommy is still a dreamboat. Silver hair, little tummy, and all. Love him. <3

I had a different idea, but the broken leg is a good theory. ;)