Saturday, August 23, 2008

I met Javy Lopez!

I can now die a happy girl. :D

The Album: Click here. All the pictures I took are so out of focus because I couldn't control my shaking hand. I have never been this nervous to meet someone in my life, but it was worth it!

The Story:

Lizziebeth and I decided yesterday afternoon that we'd make the drive up. My friend's bridal shower was later than I thought, and I figured if we were in line early, I could get to both. We were the very first ones to get there at 9:15 this morning, up in freakin' CUMMING, GA. It is... 38 miles from me, I think? Well, the signing was from 11-1, and considering his popularity when he played here, I thought we'd be in line for a while. (Lizziebeth brought camp chairs and snacks!)

We saw a couple of women waving at us from the building, so we went over and talked to the manager for a minute. He verified that yes, Javy was going to be there...and since there was no line, we left to get some super-cheap gas at the nearby RaceTrac. When we came back, only one other person was there!

We sat in the car until 10:15 or so. More people were showing up then, so we went in and asked to use the facilities. There were about 20 people in line by that time, so we had to wait outside instead of inside. My hair whipped around pretty good -- it wasn't as pretty as it can be. :(

Javy drove up in a new silver Lincoln MKX. All I could see was his smile; it doesn't take much to recognize him!

We met Susan (what's up!) and her sister Laura -- they had an awesome picture of Javy and their family from a long time ago. (They were guessing '93 or '94?) Javy stared at their picture for a long time, and commented, "I feel old!" Aww, but you're prettier than ever!!

The signs outside said he wouldn't take pictures, but we noticed he would if someone asked! He signed my baseball metal sign (above), and said it was really cool. He asked if I bought it just for this (the autograph session, I guess), and I said no, I've had it for a couple of years. He then asked if I wanted him to sign small, so other people could sign it, and I think I scared him when I said, "No, sign it as large as you want!"

He looked up and I said, "You've been my favorite for a long time." I didn't say it in a creepy way, but I was trying not to collapse into giggles. I think he sensed that, because he kinda laughed and did sign it big! Then I asked if I could have a picture, and he said "of course!" Eeeeeeeee! :D

His face was SO CLOSE to mine, I couldn't breathe! I thanked him, and we went outside, and my hands were shaking worse than ever. I turned into such a fangirl; I'm embarrassed. I didn't do this with BMac or Frenchy! But they're not Javy, you see. ;)

Anyway, he was a doll! So, so sweet, and obviously, SO HOT. The end!

PS -- I tried to get a couple of pics of the tattoo wedding ring, but I was quite out of focus. Worst pictures ever!


CABravesFan said...

I haven't seen Javy in a i had forgotten how hot he is:)

Crista Michelle said...

way to go :). the only time i've really seen him play was when i went down for spring training in march, but I liked him. I feel like a bad Braves fan, ya know, not knowing him as much as everyone else does :/. :D. Plus the whole fanfest thing when i blew him off for pete ;). I bet i made someone feel special :D and someone else really special ;).

Allee said...

That is so great for you!
I'm just a little jealous...I have yet to meet any Braves player, past or present. =]

Spunky said...

Okay I officially hate you now. ;) Heh just kidding, congrats!

MollyG said...

and I thought I was jealous of the people you've met before...

Susan said...

I think I’m still pink with glee! :)

That old picture put a huge smile on his face. That makes me so happy.

He is simply amazing. I couldn’t help it – weak in the knees, shaky hands, speechless, etc. Seriously. I mean, his face was an inch and a half from my face! And he smells delicious :)

I, too, can now die a happy girl.

Jennifer said...

I love that he signed "Javier." <3

"Feliz Navidad! Love, Lauren and Javy" I'm telling you... :D

Lo said...

Adorable pics and your story is too cute. I'm glad you got to go and once again, thanks for sharing with us. <3

MoonKween's Kastle said...

yummmmmmm! soooooo hawt! but dern'd if he don't still look like a 12-year-old boy! and i look like a 90-year-old granny.

life ain't fair!!!!!!

you're so cute, LT!! :-)

Lizziebeth said...

Ja, it was mucho fun! You know I'm a Smoltzie-love, but Javy's eyes...mmmm...they make you feel so warm and cozy. I think I stammered a little, too!
Susan, I hope your new pic came out nice too; it'd be great to find a double mat frame to put them in together.
Yay, good Braves times!

Amy W. said...

I was there, too. :) It was the second time I'd met him, but I was pleased that this time, I actually managed a somewhat intelligent conversation (about the Braves' woes, unfortunately). He's completely awesome.

(Btw, hi. :) I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now, and I wanted to say how much I enjoy the pictures and general Braves love.)

Lauren T. said...

Welcome, Amy!

And Susan, I'm surprised you could smell him. ;) When his face was soclose to mine, I was actually holding my breath! Too nervous! I only got a small whiff. :)