Saturday, August 23, 2008

Taking suggestions from us little people

During last night's broadcast, Joe & Boog encouraged us to email some "Top 5" ideas to them for those two to discuss on the air. (They don't really want to talk about how the Braves are playing either...)

So here's my email:

And one of my suggestions made it on air!

Woo!! Very cool. :D


In other video news from last night, what was up with Jo-Jo handing Frenchy a bag of cotton candy? Think that was from a fan? ;)


Crista Michelle said...

i guess Frenchy and Jo-Jo are friends ;)

and woo! for you! I wasn't able to catch it. I was at the movies with some friends for my friend's birthday. ((btw, Kung Fu Panda is awesome x])).

Jennifer said...

OMG! You're famous! :D

I had to watch the Cardinals broadcast, so I missed that whole thing, but I did see the postgame show. I love that Joe said his favorite baseball movie was Field of Dreams.

Is this Heaven? No. It's Iowa. <3