Friday, August 22, 2008

Yay for successful surgery!

NEW YORK -- If Tom Glavine opts to pitch again next year, he'll have the opportunity to do so with a surgically repaired elbow and shoulder.

While repairing the affected flexor tendon in Glavine's left elbow on Thursday, Dr. James Andrews also provided some minor cleanup to some damaged tissue around the 42-year-old pitcher's left labrum.

Throughout a majority of his career, Glavine has pitched through shoulder discomfort. Thus, when it was determined that he'd need to have his elbow repaired, he asked Andrews also to fix his shoulder.

"We were pleased by the report that there was not a significant injury to the elbow or shoulder that would prevent Tom from pitching in the future," Braves general manager Frank Wren said.

No word on if the Braves will offer him a contract, but my nostalgic side hopes they will. I'd like to see Tommy's farewell tour, and I hope this season wasn't it.

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Jennifer said...

Awwwww, look at how cute my lefty is with his lips all sucked in! <3