Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Smoltzie does everything good"

The always excellent Jennifer sent over a video today of some guys playing basketball. And by "some guys", I mean Smoltzie and Baby, former Brave Tanyon Sturtze and a few media guys in Smoltzie's backyard.


These are my comments as I watched, unfiltered (for once)...

  • The music, less than a minute in, is like slow-techno-p0rno music... just how [Smoltzie] liiiiikes it. ;)
    (I don't actually watch p0rn; I'm just assuming. And Smoltzie does love his techno, according to Huddy.)

  • AAAAH, Baby's belly!!! when he shot the basketball!!! <3
    (It's just a peek, on his first shot of the video.)

  • "Smoltzie does everything good." Baby... "well". not "good".

  • That girl, whoever she is...I do not like her. And I envy her, a lot. ;) She did the wine tasting video and the Fan Fest videos that are only available OnDemand.

  • I can't think of anything I'd rather watch right now than Smoltzie and Baby playing basketball. They're very good!

  • Baby sinks a three! Nothing but net! Impressive. :*

  • Hamming it up for the camera! That's my boy. :D

There's a little over a minute of footage at the end that is the best, if you're a true sports fan. No talking media guys, no weird-looking woman (seriously, how did she get an on-camera job? at least OKT is cute), just professional athletes playing a different sport.

Can we see Glav playing hockey next? :)

ETA: Is my imagination playing tricks on me? On rewatch, I swear I hear the words "baby baby baby" in the cheesy cable-tv-production music during the b-ball game. Anyone else hear that?


Crista Michelle said...

I'm not much a of the girl, either. something about her is just... weird. And yes, you have got to love Mac's belly, it's the law of female braves fans. :D

Lauren T. said...

I just edited the post to include a screenshot of the belly. It's SO CUTE. I want to poke it, as if he's the Pillsbury Doughboy, and hear him go, "Hee hee!!"

I'll see myself out now, before someone's wife sees this and thinks I'd actually do something like that... ;)

CABravesFan said...

my stupid office computer won't play the video:( although on the bright side it is allowing me to basically freeze frame everything- including Mac's beautiful all is not lost:)

Leah said...

I have a shirtless picture of Mac and some of the former Braves from last year in Ft. Lauderdale at some resort thing that Erin Woodward took and put on her facebook (she friended me and some friends I know that she got close to while in Atlanta at games). I have one of KJ and Lauren as well. I'm not sure that I should share it, though, since it's a personal picture.

It's a cute picture, though, and I swear he looks albino, lol.

Lo said...

Ahhhh which one is it? Best of sports nite 3/13/08? Its the one thats on the top of the list thingie. It won't work for me...does it take a while to load? I'm not panicking or anything, really I'm not. *blush*

Lo said...

PS - who is Erin Woodward?

Oh I'm relieved to see (thru choppy screen shots while I impatiently wait for the video to load) that the "girl" isn't really a girl at all, she's just a worker. lol I thought you meant a REAL girl hanging out with them and then I was going to be jealous!!!!

Looks like a nice place smoltzie rented for spring training, eh?

Lauren T. said...

Leah, is it the same as the pic in this post?

Lo, that's the right video. I didn't have any trouble watching it -- I'm on IE 6 here at work. If you're using Firefox, try a different browser, maybe?

Lo said...

Ok I finally saw it. <3 Nevermind my ramblings about a spring training house, I see now that that's smoltzie's actual real life house. Cute video.

Jennifer said...

Heh heh heh, on the techno. Bawmp-chicka-bow-bow. :D That, combined with him talking about how he loves to have fun, blah blah blah, made me think, "Oh, there is no way that boy doesn't have a pole in his bedroom. Probably a swing, too."

Frenchy must not have been able to get a hall pass that day.

I'll just be leaving now, as well. :D

Leah said...

Lo - Erin Woodward is Chris Woodward's wife, who was on the team last year but was non-tendered over the off season.

Lauren - Ha ha, yes. I forgot you posted it. My bad. ;) Maybe I didn't see that post because I was out of town that week but who knows? lol. I think KJ takes a better shirtless picture in my opinion, but you still gotta love Mac, though. :D

CABravesFan said...

Finally got to watch the video-
I knew Smoltzie could play but that was a sweet little scoop shot by Mac there...who knew??

Love the techno-porn music by the way;)

Lizziebeth said...

MUCHO thanks Jennifer.