Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bennett the barber

NEW YORK -- Charlie Morton seated himself in the barber's chair -- a metal fold-up in the visiting clubhouse bathroom -- exposing his hair to the scissors of the team's stylist/pitcher Jeff Bennett.

"I trust his judgment," Morton said, smiling as he felt the shortened sides of Bennett's trim job.
We never seem to get to see the fun stuff like this, but thanks to Braves Live, here's Jeff Bennett trimming up Charlie's hair!

*video removed*

I love these boys. So awesome!


I read a nasty rumor that the second game of today's traditional double-header (to make up for last night's rainout) won't be televised. I hope someone picks it up! ESPN 8 The Ocho? Anyone?

ETA: Game 2 on SportSouth! Yay, Joe & Boog!! Thanks for the tip, Jessica!


Crista Michelle said...

ehhh i can't watch any of the games today anyways. my unboligical sister is getting married today so of course i'll be there, :). hope for the best for the braves though

Jessica said...

Who knew Norton was so funny? Love the videos, thanks Lauren!

I hope that rumor is just a's bad enough that I have to watch Fox today, but to think I won't be able to watch the second game at all? Hmmmphh!

Jessica said...

Update: an article on the Braves website lists the second game being covered by SportsSouth. I hope that's accurate!

Jennifer said...

Best. Videos. Ever! Thanks, honey! :*

"OCD" :D

CABravesFan said...

love the videos! As usual Will Ohman cracked me up:)

So bummed I can't watch either game today (guess i shouldn't complain- going to the USC-ohio state game)- rain outs just mess everything up!

Jessica said...

Guess it's not on SportsSouth after all... :(

Game 1 was awesome, though!