Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Meet the new Gwinnett Braves mascot, Chopper. I suppose it's a fine name for a mascot, especially one that appears to be a chipmunk.

I'm left wondering if the name stems from the hundreds of times Skip said, "A chopper to Chipper..." over the airwaves. If it is a tribute to Skip (and Chipper), that's quite clever.

ETA: Oh, it's not a chipmunk; I should read more carefully. It's a groundhog? Weird. The teeth threw me off. ;)


Crista Michelle said...

awww he's cute.

regardless of what animal he is. my mom thought he was a squirrel, so no worries. he can be anything :P

moatsak said...

In the AJC today they said that the GW Braves were trying to make a local connection and so they went with the groundhog in honor of the GA Groundhog Day, um... groundhog of honor?, Gen. Beauregard Lee out of Lilburn (I think). (Although I have to say I too think he looks more like a chipmunk.) The Chopper name was the result of a naming contest. They had 3 final possibilities - Shadow, Pop Up or Chopper. I can easily see where Chopper won since it was already familiar with all the chopper/chipper references that you mentioned. I hope the person who submitted Chopper got something for winning.

CABravesFan said...

I'm still trying to figure out if it is cute or going to haunt my dreams...whether he is a chipmunk or a groundhog (a chiphog? or perhaps a groundmunk?) I just can't overlook the potential creepiness factor...maybe that is just me?

It would be really cool if that name was a tribute to Skip- even an unintentional one:)

Lauren T. said...

Hee, "Chiphog". That's what Larry would name his Harley, right?

Jennifer said...

The teeth threw me off. ;)

It's quite the grill, indeed. :D