Monday, September 15, 2008

Gonzo's family's OK

For now, Gonzalez said his family will stay at the House of Refuge Church and assist in the recovery efforts. And he'll continue playing baseball with the knowledge that his loved ones are safe.

"Huge," Gonzalez said of the relief he felt after hearing no one in his family was hurt. "I got some rest last night."
The whole article is sweet, telling about Mike staying up all night trying to contact his family. Did you know his dad was a nondenominational pastor? That's something I wouldn't have guessed. That makes two Braves (that we know of) whose fathers are nondenominational pastors (the other being MattE Diaz). Interesting!


Crista Michelle said...

Yay for his family :). I have a friend from church camp that lives in Houston, he got his power back after 3 days.

I only hope the best for everyone else :)

Jennifer said...

Good news about his family.

Lizziebeth said...

Ohhh-ho-ho, so Gonzo's a PK, is he now?!
Explains some things to me! ;)