Sunday, September 21, 2008

One week to go...

Just came home from vacation, and Charlie's pitching in relief? Baby and Frenchy are friends again? The Braves are winning one-run games?? Maybe my family should have taken this trip in May! :D

So here are some good things I'm still getting caught up on...

Spotlight: Braves go golfing
Spotlight: Braves go golfing

(Baby tossing his club is the best!)

Has anyone seen Buck Commander? I reeeeally don't want to see guys shooting animals for fun, but... is it a good show? I still always read it as "Butt Commander", which is totally inappropriate and totally cracks me up every time. :D

Run, Frenchy, Run!!

More Frenchy running; Baby is quite amused.

A slightly older video: Buddy's kick save is really cool!

Braves best Mets
Braves best Mets

And, it's picture time! Some readers were great and sent some pics over -- the first is by Laura and the rest are Carol's. Thanks for sharing, ladies! :)

A random fan...

(Had she been in right field instead of left... heh heh. No, kidding.)

Clint & Will in BP...

Clint's using Charlie's glove! Awww.

Josh sliding!

Having so much fun!

OKT does *not* look pregnant to me, as has been speculated:


Have a great week!


Crista Michelle said...

Moylan in sexy golf shorts?

I'm in heaven. Especially since he may or may not live in Fayette County...


CABravesFan said...

First- Thank God you are back! I was beginning to have serious Braves Love withdrawls...I think you should never go on vacation during the season again:)

Second- That video may be my favorite yet...Francoeur and Smoltzie's competitiveness with each other is so cute! and of course any video with Mac is always a good one

And last- Thanks for what you do with this site Lauren! I am so glad i stumbled across it this year. It is not easy (nearly impossible actually) to find stuff like this about my Braves out here in CA so i really appreciate being able to read about and watch the guys behind the scenes and off the field, as well as seeing all the great game pics and such.
OK- kinda long winded (sorry) but I really did want to let you know how much i enjoy your site:)

Jennifer said...

OK. Here we go with one of my rambling commentaries on the golf video. :D

* "JOHN!" I LOVE that! LOL!
* Tummy's glasses. <3
* Hammy kind of cracks me up.
* I think that's Huddy that goes "Watch out baby!" in the golf cart at the beginning.
* I love how Frenchy gets worked up just talking about how Old Man messes with him. "Everybody knows..." LOL!
* The golf swing is just like the run isn't it. :D
* :D 'Nuff said. ;)
* iPhone!
* The dig on Old Man's age at the end would have been better if he hadn't bobbled it, but it was still pretty well played. "forty-t....forty-nine or fifty"

CABravesFan said...

gotta add a couple of htings after reading Jennifer's post-

It is truly amazing Francoeur is as good as he is with that ugly-ass golf swing:)

You are so right Jennifer about Jeff getting all stressed out about Smoltzie messing with him- so cute

Mike Hampton cracked me up (don't know if anyone saw braves live pre game today but Ohman called him "Lord Farquar"- Best. Nickname. EVER)

Jennifer said...

"Lord Farquar" was awesome. And was that his neck pillow? :)

I'm surprised Cling is using a pitcher's glove. That's, like, a demotion. Even if it does belong to Ham. <3

Love Old Man and BJ yukkin' it up.

MollyG said...

As always, Will with the mic was hilarious. Thanks again so much for keeping us in touch with the guys all season! I've become dependent on this blog. Its pretty ridiculous lol.