Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Braves 2008 Wrap-up: Infielders

Yunel Escobar -- Yunie played hard through his injuries this year. Hopefully he will be a Brave for a long time and not take the path Fookie did.

Ruben Gotay -- Did you know Ruben is a switch hitter? I never noticed, but he's listed that way! I love Ruben's sense of humor. See you next year!

Omar Infante -- We really don't know enough about the Latin players. Besides learning he's awesome, what else is going on with Omar? Or any of the other Latin guys?

Kelly Johnson -- KJ was fired up in September, but that did little to change my mind that he's a streaky hitter and an average second baseman. However, he's quite handsome and he seems like one of the more mature, level-headed guys on the team. It looks like his Lauren got a good man.

Chipper Jones -- Congratulations on winning the batting title and hitting home run #400.

Casey Kotchman -- Jarred from the life he knew in Cali, he's started to warm up to the team after his bereavement leave. I'm still not ready to love on him, but since it looks like he'll be around for a while, maybe that will change.

Brent Lillibridge -- If Lilli gets packaged in a trade for a star pitcher this off-season, I won't be shedding any tears.

Martin Prado -- Martin's been fun to watch. I have a feeling he's trade bait too, sadly.

Mark Teixeira -- Teix. Initially he was a lovvie, for sure -- pretty to look at, went to GT (where my brother goes), cute family. But the more we got to know him, the more Stepford-like he became. By the end, it was clear we didn't know him at all. Good luck in Anaheim -- hope all that money keeps you warm at night. ;) (Kidding, kidding. I do wish him the best. He was one of the prettiest pieces of eye candy since Javy! Losing is easier when you have something nice to watch.)


Jennifer said...

Infielders = not my thing, but I do love KJ. <3

Tex is a Ken Doll.

Lo said...

poor chipper gets no love here lol - don't worry chipper, i still love you!

Lauren T. said...

Lo, I tried. That's the best I could do and still be honest with myself. ;)