Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Braves 2008 Wrap-up: Outfielders

Josh Anderson -- Joshie! I don't have enough good to say about him. I was very disappointed when Gregor was chosen over him to be the 4th outfielder out of Spring Training, but since Kots was traded I think Josh may have surpassed Gregor in the race for next year's starting CF job. I love how his feet never seem to touch the ground, and I love his interviews. He's clear, concise, and gives credit where he believes credit is due. Good boy. I hope he's a keeper.

Gregor Blanco -- Our little gloworm's season has tapered off, but he's still fun to watch. One of my favorite Gregor moments this season was him translating a post-game interview with Yunie, and adding in things Yunie did NOT say. My Spanish isn't the best, but I understand enough to have gotten that!

Matt Diaz -- MattE's injury in May was a real heartbreaker. I know the Braves are openly shopping for a "power" left fielder, but I hate the idea of letting MattE go. He's one of my favorites!

Jeff Francoeur -- Lots of people, both in the media and casual bloggers, have given Jeff a hard time over his performance and attitude this season. He looks like the same Frenchy to me, just with a little less success at the plate. His official website has a very positive look back on 2008, and I think hearing Will Ohman call him "a body double for Guy Smiley" makes everything okay. Here's hope for a better '09!

Brandon Jones -- BJones still hasn't impressed me. What do you think we can get for him and Lilli and Buddy Carlyle? A solid starter? A power LF?

Mark Kotsay -- Kots! I have to be honest here; I didn't have much love for Kots when he joined the Braves. I called him "Mug Shot" and some other names, but the more I saw of him, the more I liked him. I told a friend the other day that I can't believe I'm saying this, but I kinda miss him! Maybe I just miss Frenchy kissing him, is all. ;)

Greg Norton -- Pinch hitter extraordinaire, and funny to boot! Hope to see you next year, Greg.

Jason Perry -- Cute replacement for Mr. F during his brief trip to Pearl. I'm afraid he's blocked in the system unless he learns another position, because he's not getting any younger and JBF's not going anywhere. Good luck, Jason! :)


Jennifer said...

Norton. Proof positive that sometimes homely boys can be cute. <3

Kotsay won't smile because his grill is messed up. Very messed up. He should get that fixed. :D

Amy W. said...

Yay, Greg Norton. I hope he's back next year, too. :D

Aw, Kots. I miss you. Good luck tonight, though.