Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Braves 2008 Wrap-up: Broadcasters

Everyone writes about the coaches and the front office, but we spend more time with the broadcasters than anyone else! Sort of. You know what I mean. :)

Braves Live

Ron Gant -- Excellent commentator, intelligent, awesome, and it's fun to see how he can barely keep his TV smile on when he's been around Jerome too long. (Sorry Ronnie, but your aggravation is amusing to me.) Keeper!

Brian Jordan -- BJ comes off as a player who was retired before he wanted to retire, if you catch my drift. He fills the seat well when Ronnie has the night off, and the video of him lip-synching the Braves Live theme song was one of the highlights of the season. Ronnie's better behind the desk, but BJ's so cute! Also a keeper.

Jerome Jurenovich -- My feelings on Jerome have been aired all season. He's annoying, and I would love to see him replaced by...someone. Anyone. (The bad part is, he hosts "Thrashers Live" as well and that's in my house six months a year because my roommate loves hockey, so I never get a break from him!)

Our Katy Temple -- Love! Best female broadcaster on TV, in my opinion. She knows her stuff, the guys like to talk with her, and she sure loves to talk with them! I love how her whole being just lights up around a few of the players. It's almost like one of us fans getting to do the interviews. Keep her around, FSN!


Jon Sciambi -- BOOG! I love Boog. Boog made this season fun, and he loosened up Joe quite a bit.

Joe Simpson -- Hitting his stride with a fun guy like Boog by his side. He was always too dry before, but his delivery works well with Boog's little giggles in the background.

Syndrome -- Obviously a must for next season. Our current mascot kinda sucks -- why can't it be Syndrome?

Peachtree TV

Chip Caray -- I don't love Chip.

Skip Caray -- Much has been said about Skip. I'm sorry he left us this season, and I sure hope he's enjoying some baseball in heaven.


Pete Van Wieren -- I'll bawl when The Professor goes the way of Skip. He's a real delight to listen to.

Mark Lemke -- Knowledgeable, but the tone of his voice gets to me a little -- kinda like Tony Gwynn.


Jennifer said...

He fills the seat well

Heh heh heh. Yes. Yes he does.

Love to OKT, too!

Lo said...

I like all of them. Jon is really fun and I listen to games on the radio since i'm on the road a lot so i have really missed Skip.