Saturday, October 11, 2008


From the LA Times:

PHILADELPHIA -- Andruw Jones said he wanted to be at Citizens Bank Park for the opening game of the National League Championship Series instead of in front of the television set in his home in suburban Atlanta. But Jones said he has no plans of rejoining the Dodgers during their playoff run to cheer on his teammates.

"I don't want to jinx them," Jones said when reached at his home in suburban Atlanta on Thursday.

Jones said it was out of consideration to his teammates that he asked Manager Joe Torre and General Manager Ned Colletti if he could leave the team when he was moved to the 60-day disabled list on Sept. 13.
Jones said he expects to be the everyday center fielder next season.

"I'm an everyday guy or I need to move out," he said.
Sometimes the things these guys say to the media dumbfounds me. Sure, he owed an explanation as to why he's not with the team right now, but to say he will play every day or move on? Considering his last two seasons, that was a mouthful.

Hat tip to Stevie for pointing out the article.


slappywhite said...

Well I guess he couldn't say that the real reason he wasn't there is he is going to Costa Rica during the playoffs.

Leah said...

Another reason to add to why he's not as well liked as he used to be. His head is getting a too big for his body. He thinks he's still the best guy for the job. I think if I were him, I wouldn't be as choosy or demanding after the last two horrible seasons that I had.

With all the seven cars he has (more now I'm sure), he had a chauffeur drive him to and from the ballpark when he was in Atlanta and was really rude to fans (apparently he makes Chipper seem like the ultimate fan-loving guy), according to some of my friends.

slappywhite said...

You might be right about his big head fitting on the jet, or team bus. Or even in the dugout.

Allee said...

Wow. What's up with our Braves/former Braves saying blunt things to the media now...

Lo said...

This was what? the 3rd straight season of suck for him? He had that great season with the braves in 05 or 06 and its been suck city ever since.

I felt bad for Andruw this year. I wonder if he'll come back or if he's done..I don't think he'll be with the Dodgers next year but his trade value is pretty much nothing and the Dodgers still owe him $18 million..

If I was making the kind of money these guys made I would blow kisses to the fans each and every time I saw them and sign everything I had time to sign. It makes me sick to hear about them being rude to fans.

Lizziebeth said...

Wow, this is the first I've ever heard of Andruw being rude; that would be a shame. He was very engaging, personable and funny with my son and me at an autograph signing a few years ago. I heard the same sentiments from the owners of Hsu's when he frequented there (they owned another restaurant at which I worked).

flbravesgirl said...

Hilarious pic, Lauren.

I always liked Andruw but he seems to be totally out of touch with reality in recent years.