Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!

First, thanks to Leah for sharing her Christmas gift from our favorite fan magazine! Of course, one of my favorite boys signed her card -- just my luck, I would have gotten a card signed by Chipper. ;)

Now, let's take a look at some of the good stuff in the January issue! As always, click to enlarge...

Sori's wife!

Playing Pepper with Baby! I LOVE the pic on the top left of the second page... and the last phrase of the interview has to break poor Frenchy's heart. :(

MattE talks about his rehabilitation and, my favorite part, his family. One day, I want to marry a man who's as good as MattE seems to be. ♥

I seriously doubt JJ reads this magazine, but...ok, whatever. Hope they paid you well, honey!

I'm sorry, I can't not laugh at the placement of little Martin's batting gloves...while he's batting, no less!

And little Gregor (who's twin's name is Gregory) was a member of Los Pollos? Am I reading this right? The team name was The Chickens? That's an awful name for a little league team! Oh well, Gregor made it pretty far, chickens or no chickens!

And finally... will someone please take Smoltzie shopping? These pants hurt my eyes.

Merry Christmas, lovvies! Hope you have a fantastic holiday! XOXO


Leah said...

You're welcome! Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I didn't even realize Sori was even married, now that I think about it, I think I read somewhere that he was, I just can't remember where.

I love all those pictures of Mac in that article, of course, there are very few pictures of him that I dislike, lol.

I love MattE! I want to see how different he looks, since thinks he leaned up too much. (I wish I had this problem, sort of.)

JJ is so cute! Yeah, the only players that probably read that is Frenchy because he wants to see how much of him is in it, lol. JK. But who knows whom of the players read it.

Cute Martin and Gregor pictures!

I wonder if those are the equivalent of Mac's white slacks that we never saw that the AJC pointed out in pictures during Spring Training last season, lol.

MollyG said...


Thanks so much for all these great articles! I hope you had a great holiday!

Random bit, I just learned this christmas that my cousin was Teix's roomate at Georgia Tech?!?

Wish I'd known that when he played for us, and that I was nicer to that cousin :) lol.

Happy new year to everyone!

Lauren T. said...

That's awesome, Molly. I had a lot of friends and family at the GT game a few weeks ago when Teix was on the sideline, and my cell phone absolutely blew up with texts telling me he was there, and that he was on the jumbotron. I didn't tune into the broadcast soon enough to see him, sadly!