Thursday, January 15, 2009


With all the Smoltz talk, I've not even mentioned what we hope will be a key addition to our rotation. His story's been all over and the AJC, so read up there if you like.

My friend Chris brought this SI article to my attention. What do you think? Is our rotation "too old"?


CABravesFan said...

I saw another pic of Kenshin and he was absolutely BEAMING as he held up his Braves jersey...nice to see someone genuinely excited about pitching for this team- I think we are going to like him:)

As for that SI article...honestly it kinda pissed me off with (what I felt was) unnecessary criticism- yes there are some older guys in the rotation but JJ is 22 and Charlie is 24 (and Tommy Hanson, 22, is waiting in the wings)...and the rotation is worlds better then it was 2 weeks ago- and Lowe was by far teh best available pitcher

flbravesgirl said...

I think we have a nice balance of veterans & young guys.

I'm looking forward to seeing KK pitch ( might have to call him "Krispy Kreme" lol).