Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Smoltz interview on 790 The Zone

Part 1
On his previous three times as a free agent: "I chose to come back because of Bobby Cox."

Part 2
On throwing in front of the Red Sox: "It was lights out. I threw as good as I've thrown."

Part 3
On pitching against his former teammates: "It's only gonna be weird to find out if Chipper charges the mound after I hit him twice. [laughter] Naw, I'm just kidding."

Part 4
Taking calls from the public: "I always accuse Tommy of running with wooden ankles."

In response to "Jeff in Atlanta" (yes, Francoeur): "I think Brian McCann certainly has the capability to have the lowest [golf] handicap."

Part 5
On playing late in his career: "There are so many demons you have to fight."

"I love of a team."


CABravesFan said...

How awsome would it be if Smoltzie DID hit chipper and he charged the mound? Would they actually fight? Who would win? (I got $20 on Smoltz...) Would the Braves try to break it up or be paralyzed with laughter? And if they all ended up in a giant pile near the mound would any of the braves attempt to take a free swing at Chipper and pass it off as being from one of the sox?
(it's been a long day)

Leah said...

That was a good interview and he put some things in perspective as to how things went down. But still, people seem to blame him for "leaving".

But nonetheless, he will be missed terribly.

ajgc said...

Now that my fav player is in Boston, I'm tying to pick my new fav.........there's just so many to choose from. ???

Jennifer said...

You know somebody would take some ribshots at Chipper in that pile. Heh. Probably more than one "somebody."

What I can't wait to see is if he tries to blind anyone with the bald spot again. ;)

CABravesFan said...


um, please allow me to introduce you to one Brian Michael McCann:)

Lauren T. said...

AKA "Baby". We love him here.

He's super-pretty. He's cuddly. He shows his emotions. He watches baseball the way your boyfriend does, 3/4-reclined with his hand on his junk. (D-Lee is like, "WTH?" hee hee)

ajgc said...


Thanks so much. I do love "Baby", but I'm more in the age group of Smoltzie & Tommy. Loving the younger ones makes me feel a little pervy. Ha!

flbravesgirl said...

The "super-pretty" pic makes me sooo happy.