Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pics from AutographFest 2009

I wasn't able to attend yesterday's festivities, but blog reader Crista generously sent over some of her pictures! The adorable baby is her nephew. Thanks, Crista!

Buddy Carlyle

Pete Moylan "]

Matt Diaz and Jeff Ridgeway

Greg Norton

What's up with MattE's hair? Crista mentioned that there was a bandage on his forehead, so I hope everything's ok there. :)

More pics from the AJC here and here. From all reports I read, this event was SO much more successful than previous years! also has pics of Friday night's Diamond Gala as well. Baby does look thinner!


flbravesgirl said...

So they all were given the red tie for the Gala obviously. Baby looks pretty sharp in that suit.

Can't get used to Pete with the shaved head. ( One of the little animated people on our Wii looks like Pete used to, with glasses & hair. Looks just like him.)

Leah said...

My friend said it was a blast compared to last year's. She also said Jeff had a fun time making fun of KJ (they were in the same room). KJ was late for some "unknown" reason, but they told everyone he got lost (??? I'm guessing he was running late and didn't know where the event was, lol). Jeff had everyone boo him once he walked in the room. He responded with a "what a wonderful welcome!" He was going back and forth with Jeff while signing and Jeff was making fun of my friend's shirt that he was signing (which has 'got Johnson?' on it) and her Texas hoodie. She said that everyone was nice to them, except Chino. I might be able to get a review out of her and if I do, I'll post it on my new site and pass the link along. She has some good pictures, too.

Lauren T. said...

That's interesting that Chino wasn't nice. I've met him a couple of times and he's been a total sweetheart both times, if a little more quiet than Bobby or JS or Wren.

CABravesFan said...

Mac looked great in that suit:) Amazing what happens when he buttons his jacket

Was I the only one that nearly cracked up at the "Chipper tries to keep his lucky streak going..." line in the pic of him surrounded by a group of women?

CABravesFan said...

Thanks for all the great pics by the way:)