Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Addicted" to Dr. Pepper

Please enjoy The Pop Culture Grid, starring KJ. I wish we had these for everyone!


Crista Michelle said...

Dr. Pepper is addicting....

i remember when I was in Europe with my sister and brother-in-law a few years ago, we had gone like 2 months without Dr. Pepper and then we went to England and they had some.

it was nasty, but we were so happy about having it!

flbravesgirl said...

Amusing. Where do we sign up the rest of the boys to fill that out?

Leah said...

Maybe we should contact someone from ChopTalk to get in on this. I liked the way the did touched on this in the 2007 Braves Souvenir Program with their different likes and what not. It's fun to know little tidbits about the guys and you usually won't get hardly any tidbits in interviews or "on the record".

I know this probably sounds stalkerish, but I love knowing different tidbits and facts about some of the guys. It makes me (usually) like them more.

Lauren T. said...

I don't think wanting to know a little more about the boys makes anyone stalkerish. After all, that's kinda the point of this blog. ;)

As I have explained it in the past, these guys are celebrities. They make as much money as actors and are usually kinder to their fan base. Magazines are clamoring for celeb interviews and will tell us what eye shadow an actress wears, or what kind of deodorant an actor prefers, and what info do we get out of pro athletes? Sports product endorsements. "I like huntin' and fishin'." I don't care about hunting, I want to hear stories about McFrenchy almost coming to blows over a ping pong game! :D

We should really have baseball tabloids. Deadspin doesn't count -- they're actually legit. There used to be a regularly updated site called On The DL, but they kinda sucked because they're all blind items and won't tell who the culprits are.

On the other hand, I think it's better that we don't have access to every minuscule detail of the boys' lives. I don't want millions of people knowing where I live, you know?

Leah said...

Good point. I think there are some things they should keep private. But I think they should be more open about themselves in some ways. I know some are more open than others on the team. I think the only real "open" guy on our team is Frenchy, and he's kind of backed off because of the year he had last year, but everyone else prefers to keep most of their lives private, unfortunately, which I can understand. But I still love knowing non-important stuff about them.

I agree. Most guys say that, especially southern guys. It's like "you're telling us this why, we figured that out on our own with the way they talk about it sometimes." I get tired of hearing the same questions asked over and over, too, as I'm sure they are as well.

Ha ha, I agree. There should be athlete tabloids, to a certain extent. I don't think it should be as bad as celebs tabloids and paparazzi following them 24/7, though. That's just brutal. And I hear most guys saying that they get recognized a lot, especially the hometown guys. I guess people respect them enough to not want to take millions of photographs of them off the field and write mostly fake articles for millions of dollars. I do like interviews from magazines, with photo spreads, and think that athletes should get more of those, even the lesser known guys. Of course, A-Rod and Jeter are going to be in ESPN, etc., but how much else can you learn about them that we don't already know? Put some different players in the mags and it would be a lot better, IMO.