Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Plenty of time to go get more artwork"

I don't know how I forgot to post this video, but this is a great interview with Pete Moylan. I think it's hilarious that he has a Taz tat, and I kinda want to know how tall it is.


CABravesFan said...

"Duck farts" Awesome.
I could listen to Pete talk with that beautiful Aussie accent all day long:)

I actually ended up listening to all the interviews- thanks Lauren, they were great!

Crista Michelle said...

is it just me or do i see hair fuzz?



Lauren T. said...

CA, did you like the part where Pete said he got in some trouble in his first go-round in the US because of his Australian accent? I'm sure by "trouble" he meant "more girls than I can handle". Heh heh.

Crista, I was just as happy as you to see some hair regrowth. Some guys who are balding (Huddy) look great with a totally shaved head, but Pete kinda looked like a cancer patient. Some of us like bald guys, but you have to do your best with what you've got for a little while.

Leah said...

Well, the bald look isn't for every guy, that's for sure. Take Mac, for example, as well as Moylan. They didn't look that bad with their slightly thinning hair. I like them better with hair, even if it is getting less and less slowly, IMO.

My brother shaves his head because of his balding and receding hairline (it runs in the family). At first, he said he did it for the heck of it, but then some girl told him he looked good. My mom and grandma told him he didn't have bat brains for sense and his head was going to get blistered really badly (he had done it right before we went on vacay to FL). But he's had it bald (for the most part) ever since and he looks weird with hair now when he lets it grow out some.

CABravesFan said...


Believe me, if I had met him when we were both 19 (we are the same age so it would have worked out perfectly:D) I would have had no problem getting him into "trouble..."

And he definately looks great with the fuzzy hair- hope he keeps it that way