Monday, March 2, 2009

"I'm extremely excited about what I saw"

Pete Moylan pitched yesterday -- two months ahead of schedule -- and came off the mound with no pain. YAY! article

In other news, Gregor is playing in the WBC, even though it might prove detrimental to his likelihood of making the Braves major-league squad. Bobby called it "an honor" and encouraged him to go. Sadly, I think that says a lot about his chances.

One of my favorite former Braves, Javy Lopez, has started his own business. Would you buy bats from a guy who's best season is muddled in steroid accusations/assumptions? He's beautiful and all, but I'm still convinced he was a juicer.

I hope you read this article on MattE from Saturday. Sure, it's a puff piece, but it makes him look great...rather, it feels truthful, and MattE is great. :D

Finally, I ran up on a beautiful photo set with a handful of great gameday pics. Enjoy!

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