Monday, March 2, 2009

Lisa went to yesterday's Spring Training game!

Braves lost, but it was good day, McCann homered and Moylan pitched an inning.. Enjoy the pics!
Thanks so much, Lisa! As always, click to enlarge the pictures...

Frenchy's still rockin' the hips, isn't he?
Maybe it's the pants -- they look baggier than usual.

Globetrotters! How cool!!

I missed this image so much! Yay for Pete!

I can't imagine I'll ever tire of seeing this little blonde head leaning over the rail. :)


flbravesgirl said...

Thanks, Lisa! Great job!

Wish I could watch them at Disney but it's a bit too far to drive just for the day and Dad, who is my baseball-watching partner, says it's too expensive there. Really no one's ST tickets are cheap anymore.

Leah said...

Cute pics, Lisa! Thanks for sharing!

By the way, is that KJ that Mac is talking to in the last pic or Freddie Freeman? I've recently noticed a striking resemblance of the two, especially from the side. (I know Freeman is like four inches taller than KJ, but it's hard to tell how tall they are from a pic.)

CABravesFan said...

Love the pics- thanks Lisa!

Fluffy blond heads will ALWAYS make me smile (even on a monday...)

Leah- you aren't kidding when you say they look alike...if you hadn't labeled them i would have assumed they were both KJ:)

CABravesFan said...

Almost forgot-

SO HAPPY to see Pete out there side arming again:)
I miss my favorite Aussie

Lauren T. said...

I think he might be chatting with Tommy Hanson. The hair is a little too red to be Freddie Freeman (who I totally love).

Crista Michelle said...

see now,

i miss my pete. :(.
im really hoping he'll be ready by opening day.
We got season tickets this year so my friends and I have already made plans to go to his first home game back.

We've got posters ready, and we're thinking about making shirts<3.

cuz we're dorks like that :D

great pics, Lisa! thanks for sharing :D

Lisa said...

Glad you enjoyed a Braves living in Orlando, this is the only time of year I get to see the boys. We are scheduled to hit 4 more games, so more pics coming in the next month!! Baby looks so TINY now w/the weight gone! I got a pic w/KJ and then as Anderson was signing autographs, he didn't recognize his own card, it was adorable! :-)

flbravesgirl said...

Freddie is adorable in person. I knew he'd be a favorite on here right away.

Leah said...

That makes sense Lauren, didn't think of Hanson.