Thursday, April 30, 2009

Becca went to see our Braves in Cincinnati!

Thanks so much for sharing the pictures, Becca! She went on 4/24 and 4/25, and here are her notes and links to the pictures...

5 - kj
6 - kj
8 - baby and co.
9 - moylan
10, 11, 13 - huddy
17 - matty
28, 29 - chipper (my boyfriend kept taking pics of his butt... i think he has a man-crush)
40, 41 - matty
51, 53, 54 - the almost rumble
61, 63 - moylan

Then here's Lowe, MattE blowing a bubble, O'Flaherty!, Mystery Brave, and Frenchy 1 & 2

Thanks again, Becca!! BTW, your boyfriend wouldn't be the first guy with a man-crush on Chipper. ;)


SCJ said...

The "Mystery brave" is O'Flaherty :)

Lauren T. said...

Chronologically, that would make sense, but I didn't say that was him for sure because Becca didn't identify him and he looks shorter / fatter than O'F looks in person. I thought it might be Moylan? (Not that Moylan's fat, but he does have a differently-shaped midsection than O'F does.)

CABravesFan said...

Mystery Brave has to be either Eric or Mike...he's left handed.

(doesn't really look like either of them but there are not many choices)

Jen said...

I say it's O'Flaherty. Definitely not Mike. The only other possibility would be Jo-Jo.

CABravesFan said...

I was thinking Jo Jo also but he didn't pitch in Cincinnati did he?

Jen said...

Now that you mention it, no, Jo-Jo didn't. So, O'Flaherty it is. Though I agree with Lauren, it doesn't really look like him.