Thursday, April 30, 2009

A boring interview with Pete

Crista took this picture at BP this week, y'all -- it's a great shot!
Thanks for sharing!

The May issue of Chop Talk has an interview with Mr. Moylan. It's about his journey back from surgery. While I'm sure it was a long road for him, and it was physically and emotionally exhausting, I feel like all his personality was sucked out before this interview. It doesn't read like Pete at all! Even in the picture in the magazine, he looks 'dead in the eyes' (as Tyra would say).


CABravesFan said... contain...thoughts

failing miserably...

Amanda said...


Crista Michelle said...

I really didn't imagine that my picture could work that way.

Only you guys :p!

(but I love most of you :D)